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Manor Holding is inspected and assessed annually by Quality in Tourism on behalf of Visit England.  Dispite the steadily rising standards required, Manor Holding Cottage has maintained its current 3 star status for the last 13 years.  Manor Holding Byre has been awarded 2 stars, its compact size and external stairs prevent it acheiving a higher grading.

About Quality in Tourism

What is a quality assessment?

Quality Assessment provides useful information to consumers about the quality of accommodation that is currently available in and around the UK.

Acting as a reliable regulatory body for the accommodation and tourism industry, Quality in Tourism recognise quality, differentiate levels of facilities and services and make potential guests aware of what they can expect before they make a booking.

The standards, to which Quality in Tourism assess accomodation, have been created as a result of harmonising standards from the National Tourist Boards for England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, in collaboration with the Automobile Association.

Most of the schemes featured throughout the United Kingdom recognise increasing levels of quality using a rating system of 1 – 5 stars.  In a number of schemes, excellence is further acknowledged with the use of Silver and Gold awards.

Who's Who in Quality?

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(VE) was formed in April 2009 as the national organisation for tourism in England.

Its foundation was a key outcome of the British Tourism Framework Review and now, through the Chairman and stakeholder Board, VisitEngland leads the way in development and marketing of England’s visitor economy.

Working in partnership with an array of industry, regional and local tourism bodies through the Partners for England Forum, VisitEngland is the custodian of the enjoyEngland consumer brand and the England tourism strategy. It also acts as the authority for tourism in England.
VisitEngland overall role is to develop accommodation schemes, set standards, champion the ratings it awards and promote only quality-assessed accommodation in the enjoyEngland campaigns and in all VisitBritain international marketing activities.

Local, regional and destination partners support the quality agenda by promoting quality-assessed accommodation in publications, websites and in Tourist Information Centres.


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Quality in Tourism (QiT) is the official assessment service provided for VisitEngland. With a field force of more than 60 experienced assessors and a highly dedicated in-house team, the organisation carries out assessments and handles the administration of the national quality assessment schemes on behalf of VisitEngland.

Over 23,000 accommodation businesses are assessed annually across eleven different schemes, making VisitEngland (in conjunction with Quality in Tourism) the largest provider of quality assessment in England.

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We had such a nice time, your house is really enchanting, and in such a gorgeous location. we arrived home to pouring rain. We had much better weather with you, it had been raining all day here.- always such a bonus to cheat the weather. Thank you once again (By email)

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