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Access Maintained in All Weathers


Rustic seclusion is the characteristic that strikes most people first about Manor Holding, as it is located 100m off a rough forest track (maximum recommended speed 16kph /10mph), half a kilometre (1/3 mile) from the nearest tarmac country lane.  Convenient parking is available adjacent the cottage for several cars.  Maximum recommended width of vehicle 2.5m.  Maximum height 4m.

Ambulant Disabled

Manor Holding Cottage is suitable for the ambulant disabled. All door handles are shaped to facilitate turning; and all internal doors, including fire doors, have lever handles designed to be opened or closed from either side with both hands full.

Handmade Fire Doors


The cottage can accommodate small wheelchairs downstairs, and all external doors are accessible to wheelchairs, but the bathroom and toilet are upstairs.  A downstairs toilet is under construction.

The cottage garden has brick paved paths, suntrap patio and shady sitting area, all suitable for wheelchairs, providing access to the principal areas within the garden including the rear lawn.  A concrete parking pad is provided next to the end of the brick garden path to facilitate disabled access. 


Visual Impairment

Textural flooring and external surfaces provide tactile and acoustic feedback to assist navigation by blind persons.  Strongly contrasting natural colours and patterns assist internal and external navigation.  Fragrant herbs and shrubs add to the smells of rich moist topsoil and grass within the garden.  Movement sensitive automated lighting in the yard assists access to and from parked cars in the dark, but on the other side of the house, in the garden, unpolluted dark skies reveal the full splendour of the starry night.

Hearing impairment

Effective sound insulation and very low ambient noise levels assist the hard of hearing to distinguish what is being said in conversation within the same room, outside the cottage and occasionally even in the valley below!

Full Access Statement for Manor Holding Cottage

Please click here to read the full detailed access statement for the cottage.

Guest Comment

The holly bushes are in bloom and beautiful. In the field ahead of the lonely building we found an apple tree with an abundance of mistletoe. It was lovely seeing the real deal. Thank you for allowing us to share this special piece of countryside…

Nanette and David ,


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