Manor Holding Byre - Garden

Daffodils and Cherry Blossom


View from Byre

Manor Holding Byre looks out over a mixed fruit  orchard including cherry, greengage, plum, damson, apple, apricot, mulberry, peach, nectarine, elderberry, blackberry, hazlenut and walnut in their season.  In autumn giant Shaggy Parasols and Puff Balls can each provide several family meals. The flower rich sward is normally grazed by sheep, but in their absence includes diverse forage herbs that would have enriched the diet of previous generations wise in rural cuisine.  Two washing lines are provided for use by guests in the Byre, one between fruit trees and one under cover in case of rain.  Guests are invited to help themselves to fruit in season, but be sure to identify any wild food as some plants are deadly poisonous.

Cherries from the Orchard

This orchard is designated part of the Wyre Forest Site of Special Scientific Interest, but we have set aside a small area free of sheep for guests to sit out and enjoy the views of the orchard and down the valley.

View from Byre Garden

View from Manor Holding Wildlife Corner

At the far end of the Top Orchard views into the next valley are available from our own woodland wildlife corner.

Guest Comment

We love the area, especially for biking. The weather was glorious nearly all week which enabled us to try lots of bike routes.

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